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Dog Tips and Shedding Tricks


Dogs are man’s best friend. We all have heard this saying and some of us also have a dog as a pet in our home. They fill your life with joy and happiness. You all will agree that all the tiredness of your entire day ends immediately when you play with your pet dog.

A lot of people are unaware that a lot of dogs deal with joint problems from overuse or just plain old age. It is important to exercise and feed them healthy foods, but you also want to make sure you’re paying attention to mobility changes in your pet. Specific information about pet health can be found at

Dogs, other than being your best friend serve you with many advantages. Having a dog will help you protect against any thefts, robbery or attacks by strangers. They don’t let any negative energy enter your house. And how can we forget the unconditional love they give?

One Huge Problem

Irrespective of all these benefits, the most common problem that we face with dogs is shedding. Dog shedding is a very natural process that happens with dogs in which they shed their hair whose amount depends on the health and breed of your dog.

Though we cannot stop the natural shedding of dogs but can control the shedding process by making the use of these tips.

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Tips for controlling shedding:

Regular Brushing: A habit of regularly brushing your pet’s hair has proved as an effective tip to reduce the amount of shedding of dogs. This makes pet’s hair soft and clean which will help in having less shedding.

Healthy Diet: The other important tip to have less shedding of dogs is to give them healthy diets at regular intervals. Give them a diet rich in protein. In fact, the diet needs to be balanced.

Checkups for Allergies: Look for the symptoms of any sort of allergies or disease that the pet must be going through and that causing them to shed more quantity of hair. Regular checkups will also ensure that your pet is healthy.

Bathe your Dog: If you want your pet to shed less make it a habit of bathing your dog after every alternate day. This will help them to stay clean and will eventually reduce their shedding.

Cleaning dog’s bed: We often let go of cleaning our dog’s bed due to laziness. This makes their shed hair remain on the bed and when used again they cause the damage. Therefore, it is advised to clean up the dog’s shed hair from their bed soon to minimize the damage.

Don’t take your dog’s shedding lightly considering it as a natural process and use these tips to reduce it to the maximum extent.

Our Dogs

We have really been enjoying providing you all with dog tips and training material. As dog lovers, its our duty to go above and beyond for our pets and make sure that we can provide them with the best care possible. We will start promoting types of healthy snacks and tr5eatments to increase the lifespan of your animal. All advise should be checked with your local vet.  Soon we will be providing shirts and little dog shoes.  Thank you to all our followers and we hope we can be a valuable resource to you all in the next few years.